Axe Man Street Outlaws Drama and Searching For A New Car!!!

Check this, Axe Man Street Outlaws Drama and Searching For A New Car!!!

By now most of you know about the drama which unfolded between Big Chief and Axman.

In case you missed it, let us try and explain it to you.

You see, the whole episode started with the same conversation which these guys have apparently been having the night before, and Axman said that he is getting bored at the top, with almost no races.

The thing is, with Axmen at the number one position, all he can do is sit at the top and wait whenever the current number two position challenges him to a race in order to defend the title.

This is exactly what happened during the last show, and Big Chief decided that after losing to Axmen, he will call him right out just like all the rest of the list racers have been doing.

We have seen guys and girls challenging the same person for the spot above them multiple times, one of the most persistent ones being Lizzie Musy and Mike Murillo, who have raced quite a few times during this list series.

To be honest, the rules could (and should) have been established much earlier and much better, because that would have prevented racers playing games as they are doing at the moment.

We do understand the first come first serve, concept however as we have seen this has led to racers going down the wrong way at speed towards the starting line, which is very unsafe as well as people running after cars trying to chase racers down in order to get their chance at a race.

Be that as it may, we are where we are, so watch Sim’s video and tell us, do you think Axman should have raced Big Chief, or did Big Chief mess up the rules in order to get another shot at the crown?

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