Jeff Lutz vs Chuck Seitsinger on NPK at Jupiter, FL!!!

Check this, Jeff Lutz vs Chuck Seitsinger on NPK at Jupiter, FL!!!

Ever since the No Prep Kings Championship has started, it seems that everybody wants to find out how fast I Jeff Lutz’s new car, the GTO.

The other day we brought you a video of him racing Shawn Ellington in the new Murder Nova during the Hebron event. This grudge race was as we expected one of the ways to see how fast the brand new GTO that is in the 405 team actually is and somewhat of a starting point for Jeff in order to start turning it up as soon as possible in order to keep up with the competition.

Let’s face is, these guys know very well that in order to get further up No Prep Championship, they need to know who’s who in their own team, and then go from there.

This is why, after Shawn Ellington and the new Murder Nova, on the next event, Jeff Lutz had already scheduled another grudge race in his team and this time he is lining up against another one of his buddies, Chuck Seitsinger, in the famous Death Trap.

Both of these cars feature the same twin turbo setup and the Death Trap has had this combo for years now, with no major updates, which means that Chuck is not lacking power since he is still in the game with the same car.

At the same time, while the GTO does have a similar power plant, it is a brand new car which should mean that newer technologies were used and thus the car should be faster than the rest of the field, however this is something which is yet to be proven and tested.

So check out the video and let’s see if Jeff has done his homework, or is there much work to be done before the GTO can start making full power passes.

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