Murder Nova vs Jeff Lutz on Opening of No Prep Kings 2021 in Hebron, OH!!!

Check this, Murder Nova vs Jeff Lutz on Opening of No Prep Kings 2021 in Hebron, OH!!!

Now that the No Prep Kings is back, we can all start enjoying the action the events and even more.

This time, we have a grudge race between two guys that have been racing in the streets on the same team and the same list for years now and instead of the street, this time they want to prove who’s faster at the track.

We all know that Jeff Lutz has a brand new car and we have talked about this vehicle a lot lately.

It is the opinion of many that the sleek lines of the GTO will make it much better at the big end where due to the less wind resistance the GTO should have much higher top speed than the beloved 57.

In the left lane, we have the new Murder Nova, a car which have not been working as well as it should have this past year, a car which was the reason that Shawn brought out the OG Murder Nova and took it to the America’s List.

While this car has been problematic, by the looks of this video it seems that this time the car has been performing as it should, matter a fact, both of these cars did their job and made a really fast pass, however, as we all know there could be only one winner so one of them needs a little more work to beat the other.

The fact that the Murder Nova made a great pass is telling us that we are going to have a great new season of No Prep Kings, and at the same time, it put the other racers on notice, showing them that Shawn has finally figured out what was wrong with it.

So check out the video and see which one of these guys managed to cross the finish line first.

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