Drag Racing Wrecks, Wheelies & Close Calls Compilation!!!

Take a look at this, Drag Racing Wrecks, Wheelies & Close Calls Compilation!!!

There are many forms of car racing and we can find joy in all of them but none other is as American as drag racing.

This however does not mean that other countries do not participate in the quarter mile sprint, on the contrary, drag racing is popular all over the world and today we take you to the old continent, or England to be more precise.

From the United Kingdom comes a compilation video which brings us the most interesting situations from drag racing and we must mention that all of the drivers you are about to see walked away unharmed with only a bruised up ego.

As you will find out for yourself, they use smaller cars out there which are not as powerful as the cars we are used to seeing at the race track, however that does not mean that they are not as interesting to watch, or that they are slow, so check them out.


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