Twin-Turbo HEMI Jet Boat Rips the Water!!!

Take a look how this Twin-Turbo HEMI Jet Boat Rips the Water!!!

A few days ago we showed you a video in which Finnegan takes his boat out for what seemed more like a leak test rather than a real boat ride but have no worries this time he has something much cooler for us.

Today we get to check out this twin-turbo monster rip some real pulls on the water and we get to hear both of those snails hiss with anger as they pump compressed air down the intake into that huge engine making some serious power.

According to Finnegan, the setup at the moment, with the injectors that are currently installed, should be producing about 2 000 horsepower, and for a lightweight boat like this one that is plenty of power.

He also tells us that the setup is capable for even more power but at the moment he is trying to map out and tame the 2 000 that he currently has.

So check out his great video and see how far he dares bury the throttle.

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