Street Outlaws Ryan Martin Goes Procharger!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Ryan Martin Goes Procharger for his Fireball!!!

When the first new came about Ryan Martin building a brand new car for No Prep Kings we all expected for him to build a twin turbo car.

The Fireball Camaro is twin turbo so it makes sense for him to continue in the same direction, especially because of the fact that the was able to tune that Camaro very effectively and managed to win the No Prep Kings Championship with it.

Once the car was revealed we also saw that it has the twin turbo setup, and now all of a sudden we see zoomies sticking out of the car during testing and that can mean only one thing.

Ryan Martin is abandoning the twin turbo setup and is going for Procharger on his new car.

Why did he not reveal it with a procharger, and decided to change the setup, well there is a very good reason, and we’ll let Sim tell you all about it, enjoy.

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