Driving TWO CARS in the SAME RACE! (Nitrous and Turbo)

Take a look at this, Driving TWO CARS in the SAME RACE! (Nitrous and Turbo)

Airport Wars is our destination today as we take you along a journey when one racer enters the event with two of his vehicles, a Nova and a S-10 participating in two different levels during this event, as well as the challenges that are linked to this sort of vehicle change mid race.


The Nova that he is about to step in is a nitrous car, and as we all know they tend to make a bit less power than for example his turbocharged S-10, and that means it should be easier to handle at this track where the traction is notoriously.

The plan for the S-10 is to turn it down in order to keep it from burning the tires up, and the interesting part is that right off the trailer he locked in a grudge race, with no chance to make a test pass or see how the truck will behave at this surface, so that’s gonna be fun, check it out.


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