Fire-breathing Camaro is INSANE – Street Outlaw Prospect?!

Take a look at this, Fire-breathing Camaro is INSANE – Street Outlaw Prospect?!

If you have been following drag racing for a while we are pretty sure that you have stumbled upon Team Boddie Racing at one point or another so it comes to no surprise that on one of the events that he organized an extremely gorgeous Camaro made an appearance.

We are talking about Roger Holden’s fire breathing nitrous huffing 69’ Chevrolet Camaro which is so good to look at that for a moment you might think that you are looking at a show car, but once this beast warms up the tires, you know that there is much more than just a pretty face that you are seeing.

This wheelie pulling fire breathing machine is powered by a Pat Musi motor with nitrous and at the event there were just no enough small tire cars, so he did not hesitate to enter his car into the big tire, and he did not disappoint, as you are about to see.

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