Dude Tried To Show Off In His Perfectly Restored 1970 Chevelle And Things Quickly Went Left!

Take a look at this, Dude Tried To Show Off In His Perfectly Restored 1970 Chevelle And Things Quickly Went Left!

We cannot remember the number of videos that we have seen where a guy trying to show everybody what he can do in his powerful car, ends up driving away from his talent and causing a major accident that unfortunately involves others in traffic.

This one begins just like many others, the guys behind the camera are admiring the great machine that is driving down the road, and just on cue, the above-mentioned driver wants to show the crowd that his car is not all show, and has what it takes to really go.

And go it does and after a beautiful roar, the car lurches forward picking up speed as he travels down the left lane of the highway.

Soon after, everything gets crazy and while he definitely has a machine to be proud of, it seems that the lack of talent is obvious, and all of a sudden he starts sliding towards the wall separating the highway from oncoming traffic in the other direction.

By the time he realizes that he is in deep trouble, it is too late and after initially steering into the slide, he starts overcorrecting and is now pointed at what looks like a small SUV in the far right lane.

With the speed that 1970 Chevelle has picked up, he now strikes the SUV like a missile launching him off the road and causing it to flip violently.

At this point, all we can hope for is that nobody got hurt in the SUV because the Chevelle had some minimal hood damage and it looks like the driver that caused all the trouble is uninjured at all.

So check out this terrible video and let this be a lesson that things can get very bad within seconds so do not do these types of things on public roads, keep them at the track.


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