Special Announcement!! Street Outlaws No Prep Kings is heading to Australia in 2023!

Check this, Special Announcement!! Street Outlaws No Prep Kings is heading to Australia in 2023!

Over the years we have heard the saying; To be the best you have to beat the best, from nearly every racer from the Street Outlaws show and its spinoffs, and this time it seems that these guys are trying to push that onto bigger markets.

During the many years that it has been airing the show has managed to reach nearly every part of the planet and nearly every country and find its audience amongst them and this is why these guys are as popular and more popular than ever.

These guys have been all over the country trying to prove that they are the fastest street racers and they have established that they are not to be messed with, however, they are now stepping up, and instead of claiming to be the fastest in the country they are spreading their wings and flying all the way to Australia to see if there is anybody out there that is worthy of challenging them.

From what we have seen on the internet, the street racing game in Australia is very strong and these guys have cars that are very similar to the cars that the Street Outlaws race, so they are planning on giving the Street Outlaws a run for their money “Down Under”.

The Street Outlaws VS The World is the name of the new concept that will have these guys go out and see if somebody out there has a faster street car than them, and it seems that the four races in Australia are just the beginning of this tour.

These events are scheduled for February and to be honest, we can’t wait to find out more, so play the video and let Boosted tell you all about the international future of the Street Outlaws racers, as well as Farmtruck and AZN.

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