Extremely Close Race between The Mistress and Daddy Dave!!!

Take a look at this, Extremely Close Race between The Mistress and Daddy Dave!!!

We are pretty sure that you have been following Daddy Dave in the past few years, and since you do, then you know that the Goliath 2.0 is nothing short of a beast, that finished the last Street Outlaws season as second on the list, although at times he was sitting at the top spot.

The Mistress Turbo Camaro’s story is not much different and although he is not competing for a spot on the list, he has been kicking ass and taking names at all the No Prep events that he has entered.

This time it seems however that they have been matched perfectly and both of them want to win the event not just the race that they are lining up for at the moment.

So be sure that both of these guys are going to give it their all to get to that finish line faster, but as always there can only be one winner so check it out.

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