Incredible Barn Find 1965 Chevy Truck Cold Start After Years…

Take a look at this Incredible Barn Find 1965 Chevy Truck Cold Start After Years…

Maybe the tittle is a bit off, maybe this video should have been named, will it start, or will it move, since today these guys will try to get this old 1965 Chevy Truck, out of the garage, and they hope to get it to move under its own power.

Now we don’t have the exact number of years that this truck has spent inside that barn but as soon as you take a peek at it, it will be clear that it has been sitting there for quite a few years and once we pop the hood, well suddenly getting it moving today does not seem likely.

At the same time however, we know that a real American made truck from that era, just doesn’t give up that easy and if any vehicle can get moving, it’s this one, so check it and see what it takes to get it moving under its own power again.

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