Farm Yard Full of Mopar Muscle Car Projects!

Check this, Farm Yard Full of Mopar Muscle Car Projects!

We are once again happy to bring you a video of some old American Classic cars that are in various different ways of restoration and unfortunately decay.

The good thing is that many of them are for sale so if you take a close look at the video you actually might find your next project car, which will bring you much happiness and many happy memories.

The field is huge and it is covered by many different forms of Mopar Muscle cars as we said, many of them are project cars that are being actively worked on, some more some less to be honest.

One of the most incredible finds must be the 1965 Dodge with four doors, a big block under the hood, and a manual four-speed gearbox.

According to the YouTuber Auto Archeology, this is the only car of this setup to be known to exist. Now that is a big claim and if it is true, this car might end up being worth a lot of money, so please let us know in the comment if you have heard or seen another one of these somewhere, so we can verify this claim.

What is even more incredible about this car is the fact that it used to belong to the FBI at some point in its life, however, we do not know if the bureau had purchased it or if they might have actually seized it from some criminals.

Unfortunately, the car has seen better days, to say the least, and it is in dire need of some major overhaul in order to be preserved as the only car with these options, and we believe some of you might be in for a brand new purchase.

So check out the rest of the cars in this field and who knows, your next project car might be in this video.





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