John Headley walks away from WILD ride at #Gatornats!

Take a look at this, John Headley walks away from WILD ride at #Gatornats!

As always, we start this video with the most essential thing: the driver is unharmed and simply climbed out of his car and walked away without a scratch on him, proving once again how safe these cars have become.

The race itself was quite the ride for both drivers.

For a moment it looked like Headley was sleeping at the light which meant that this would be an easy victory for his opponent in the left lane, however, John Headley was not about to give up and he kept the pedal stuck to the floor hoping that the guy in the other lane spins.

Well, spin he did not but there was a big pop from the engine and this was the chance that John Headley was waiting for so he did all he could to get to the finish line faster, and for a moment there it looked like he got it and won the race.

In the next instant, all turned sideways, and we mean that literally since Headley was all of a sudden pointed at the wall on the opposite side of his lane flying straight into it holding on for dear life since there was no way of recovering that car. At this point, he knew that he switched from driver to passenger of his own vehicle.

Lucky for him, the impact was not that bad and it just ripped the shell of the car leaving him in the middle of the track with an open chassis staring down in the right direction.

These cars have once again proven to be very tough and are doing a good job of protecting the driver, something that is always good to see, so check out this terrible wreck and see how fast things get sideways in the Top Alcohol Funny Car competition.


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