HOLY GRAIL 70 Chevelle LS5 4-speed Convertible sitting in yard!

Take a look at this, HOLY GRAIL 70 Chevelle LS5 4-speed Convertible sitting in yard!

While most of the time cars that are found like this one are usually a barn find, this time unfortunately it is a yard find, and to be honest, we would hope that this would have been a barn find for many reasons.

The first and the most obvious is of course that the car is in very bad shape and mother nature has been working hard to deteriorate the car which as we mentioned, would not have happened if the car was inside a barn.

If the owner had someplace to put it, we are sure that the car would have looked much better these days, since as we found out, the last time it was registered and probably driven was back in 1978 which means that this jewel has been sitting here fighting the elements for almost five decades.

When you think about that, well it explains the state that the car is in right now.

This extremely rare 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, LS5 454 car has been equipped with a, 4-speed gearbox and with air conditioning, options that not many cars had half a century ago.

Another interesting part of the story is the fact that the original owner was a member of the military who served overseas so he is the one to “blame” for all the cool options on the car.

For real American Muscle car enthusiasts, the state that the car is in is blasphemy itself because it hurts us to see such a fine piece of engineering deteriorated, instead of sitting in a showroom or maybe even a museum reminding everybody what the US auto industry was able to achieve half a century ago.

So, play the video and check out this great car in not such a great condition and tell us what you think about it.


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