Street Outlaws USA V AUS Calder Park supra crash & Kye Kelley wheels up to the moon!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws USA V AUS Calder Park supra crash & Kye Kelley wheels up to the moon!

Let us head over to Calder Park Australia as one of the locations where one of the events for the Street Outlaws USA versus the street racers from Australia is taking place. This time, Kye gets to race a locally known Toyota Supra, which is very fast.

The race brings a pot of three thousand dollars with it so we all know that both of these drivers are about to push the power buttons all the way up and hold on.

As the title already shows us, both drivers have turned their vehicles more than they were supposed to because both of them have huge problems during this race, as they try to put their hands on the three grand bounty.

As always with these videos, we have to tell you that while the Supra had an incident, the driver was able to walk out of the car uninjured which goes to show that the guys in Australia are taking their safety seriously and are building their cars to be as safe as possible.

Interestingly enough, the entertainment part of the video does not start with the Supra, instead at the very start it is Kye Kelley who is in trouble since his car gripped so well, he ended up with a windshield full of stars for a moment or two.

The tires hooked so well, he managed to get thru the first sixty feet on his back wheels with the front end so high of the ground, all he could see is the moon and the stars.

Understandably, by the time he got the front end down, the Supra was gone, however, this is when the problems started for its driver who was all of a sudden facing the opposite wall in the lane occupied by Kye Kelle.

So check out this crazy video and see what happened “Down Under”.



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