Farmtruck & AZN’s Skidtruck Roasting Tires at Good Fryday Burnouts!

Check this, Farmtruck & AZN’s Skidtruck Roasting Tires at Good Fryday Burnouts!

As the popularity of The Discovery Channel Street Outlaws show grew, so did their celebrity status so back in the day, Farmtruck and AZN were invited to “the land down under” in order to visit the popular Summernats, what seems to be the craziest, and probably the biggest car meet in the whole continent of Australia.

What they saw down there had them utterly impressed and they decided that they just had to come back and take part in it with a creation to their specs.

Shipping the original Farmtruck was understandably out of question so they decided to build the Ausie version of the original C10, powered by an LS3 with a huge supercharger strapped to it which apparently provides enough power to create a significant cloud cover once it enters the burnout pit.

  In their absence a few days ago at the event called Good Fryday Burnouts, seasoned veteran of the sport Phil Kerjean strapped himself in the driver’s seat and did his magic, which is featured in the video bellow, enjoy.

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