They Kicked Him Out – So He Ran THIS Instead!!

Check how They Kicked Him Out – So He Ran THIS Instead!

This truck was easily one of the coolest builds at the Red List event! From the pieced together homemade intake, to the layer of rubber on the back of the cab from the burnouts, it was clear this truck had plenty of character!

As we had hoped, it was also fast! This video was a lot of them figuring out the truck, and we cannot wait to see this thing’s true potential!

This guy was kicked last year from the Red List event because his car didn’t match the security protocols for drag car.

Now he is back and he ran an rusty truck how borrow form a friend. The truck has left rotting on the field when he took it.

We are delighted to present you this awesome guy with a lot of potential. Hope his truck will kick some a*s on the street or on the truck.

Check the video bellow and enjoy!

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