Fastest Cars in Midwest The Thrill Of Pure Power Speeds over 200mph Drag Racing Chicago Wise Guys!!

Take a look at this, Fastest Cars in Midwest The Thrill Of Pure Power Speeds over 200mph Drag Racing Chicago Wise Guys!!!

The year was 1995 and the racing scene in the Midwest was going so strong that Pete Demos, decided to start a match racing organization that will bring these guys into competition with each other so they can see who has the fastest ride.

These days, this crew is in their 28th year of organizing races and it appears that once again they have gathered the best of the best.

With cars that are pushing past the 220 mph mark at the speed trap on the end of the track, these guys apparently mean business and they are fighting to get faster over the entire event.

This, “Run What you Brung Type” of racing always allows the racers to take off all the stops and focus on one thing and one thing only, get to the finish line faster than the car in the lane next to you.

These guys are not doing the calculations that the No Prep Guys are going thru with the new weight savings which are dependent on the type of power adder used, rules that are constantly changing forcing guys to keep going for a different type of power adder almost every other season.

These guys keep the class open, thus perfecting the vehicle yearly and pushing it to its brand new limits that are on par with the brand new technology used on different parts as it gets developed by the builders of the racing engines and components.

With their promods pushing well into the sixes on nearly every round, it appears that their nickname “Midwest’s Fastest Door Slammers” is well deserved.

It is apparent that these guys are truly the fastest guys in their league so check out this amazing video and see how many runs at speeds over 200 miles per hour you can count in the video.

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