Memphis Big Tire FINAL Kye Kelley VS Kelly Jones Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss MSO Armdrop!!

Take a look at this, Memphis Big Tire FINAL Kye Kelley VS Kelly Jones Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss MSO Armdrop!!

Memphis International Raceway is our destination for today as we bring you the fastest two guys of this amazing event.

As we all know Kye Kelley has had a terrible year during the Street Outlaws America’s List season.

If you have missed it, let us tell you that Kye and the rest of the NOLA team were trying to get as many racers in thru the race your way in rule, so they can have all the support they want during the later stages in the season when cars will start breaking down and rods start popping out of the engines to remind the crew chiefs that they need changing.

To counter the huge numbers of other teams, Kye decided to borrow the famous Shocker, his bellowed car which always goes straight, to his buddy David Gates so he can be sure to win the race your win competition because Gates was having issues with his car.

Unfortunately, it all went sideways, when the Shocker turned violently to the left due to some tree sap that was dripping in the lane which they did not walk prior to putting down a pass in, because they were in a hurry to get the testing done before the authorities got word of their activities.

This ended up being a very big blow to him personally because he has owned the shocker and has managed to win huge amounts of money with it, as well as numerous trophies.

These days it appears that his luck is changing because he is driving his NPK car AKA AfterShock and he has made it all the way to the finals in the Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss MSO Armdrop race.

On the other hand, in the left lane, we have Kelly Jones whose car has been very consistent during this event so let’s check out the race and see who gets the win.

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