First Ride on a Harley Davidson Goes Wrong!

First Ride on a Harley Davidson Goes Wrong!

We could understand the excitement, it is not every day that you get a brand-new Harley Davidson delivered and you want take it for a spin, but you would have to know how to ride it before purchasing a machine like that, right?

Wrong this guy decided to do the opposite and instead of learning how to ride first, and then get a bike he decides do go the other way around and buy the bike first, and then learn how to ride it.

There are so many things wrong about his way of starting his biker career and probably the worst one is his choice of footwear, because crocs, no helmet no jacket, well that in our book is just a definite no-go.

We know you are already guessing how this all goes, but still, play this funny video and learn what happens when you combine the following; forward controls, ape hangers, and a very, very inexperienced rider.

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