Found Sunken Crime Scene While Fishing – Cops Called with GUNS!!

Check this, Found Sunken Crime Scene While Fishing – Cops Called with GUNS!!

Vloggers are getting more and more popularity and with the expansion of the biggest video website YouTube their numbers keep climbing and climbing with no sign of stopping.

People make videos of anything and everything lately and the best part about it is that they keep finding audience even if they film some incredible stuff.

The video today stars as a video of a couple of fisherman that are trying to keep up with their vlog and record their latest fishing session, but this time they get surprised by the kind of fish that they stumble upon.

They “catch” three vehicles in the water on their sonar and decide to let the authorities in on their catch.

Soon there are divers and wreckers and all sorts of specialist on the job in order to make sure that these vehicles are not a part of some major crime.

Check out the video and see what happens and how the cars got in the water.

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