Wicked 1969 Pro Street Camaro Hit the Dyno!!

Take a look at this, Wicked 1969 Pro Street Camaro Hit the Dyno!!

They are known as a Dyno but in fact the most common version that we see in videos like these is the Chassis Dynamometer, AKA rolling road, which is in fact a machine that measures the power output to the wheels.

The other very popular kind of dyno amongst car enthusiasts is the engine dynamometer, a machine that connects to the crankshaft or the flywheel of the engine which measures the actual power output of the engine without any loss that is caused by the transmission or the driveshaft of the vehicle.

The video that we are about to see is of the first kind, and this time we have an amazingly clean 1969 Pro Street Camaro that is about to make a pull and show us what it can do on the rolling road.

So check out the video and hear that incredible machine scream to the top of its lungs as it struggles to get the most of its engine.

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