Future Street Outlaws With Big Booty Judy!!!

Check this, Future Street Outlaws With Big Booty Judy!!!

Last weekend was awesome at Adel, GA. We’ve seen some hell of a passes and a few surprises. Nobody expect that Ryan Martin and his new Grey Camaro will not be for the third time in the final. Also we’re prepared for Daddy Dave new setup, but hi had an accident hitting the wall after first round and didn’t come back on the truck after.

Nobody expect that Murder Nova will lose at the finals, or that Bird Boys crew will come for the second time this year in the finals of No Prep Kings Champ. The winner of last weekend, that is whole another story for the Justin Swanstrom AKA Lil Country and his bad to the bone Lexus.

But here is another story, the story about the guys/girls who will come and try to take out the old school guy from the Street Outlaws.

In this video we have Brody Melton who drives the blown Camaro known as the Big Booty Judy. The Blown Camaro has been in several no prep races and been really fast in those sketchy surfaces. In this video the Big Booty Judy packed up his bags and headed towards Palm Beach Florida.

In this video he entered the future street outlaw class which is a class where a group of big tire cars battle it out for the right to be in the main big tire class at the npk event.

In the future street outlaw class there are several experienced no prep racers which included Megatron, a twin turbo proline mustang. Megatron won the last event and looked to be the favorite at this event. Would he be able to pull off the win? Check out the video and see if he does win the event.

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