Going Wide-Open in 711ci Twin Turbo Jet Boat!!!

Check this, this guy is Going Wide-Open in his 711ci Twin Turbo Jet Boat!!!

The star of the popular show Roadkill is here again in his own show called Finnegan’s Garage, and if you have been missing out, he is up to his 105th episode.

In this episode he addresses a very real problem that he has on his Twin Turbo Jet Boat, and the issue in hand that he is tackling is the fact that the exhaust pipes as well as the waste gate dump pipe are literally stabbing him every time he works on the jet drive on this thing.

They look cool we will give them that, however as pointy as they are, they are causing pain to one of our favorite builders.

So check out how he handles this modification and make sure to watch the rest of the video because as a bonus after he does all his fabrications he goes wide open throttle on this thing, and it is crazy fast, check it out.

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