Rocket Powered Motorcycle Breaks World Record!!!

Check this, Rocket Powered Motorcycle Breaks World Record!!!

This is a video of epic proportions and not only because the driver speaks so little English that his answer to “What’s it feel like to ride?” is actually “Err, Hydrogen Peroxide!” but instead, the fact is that this is the actual world record.

Meet Eric Teboul AKA Rocketman a fearless biker that rides a bike which is powered by rocket fuel, or as he has told us without asking, Hydrogen Peroxide.

To be honest we were expecting a fast run from this contraption, but what we saw on this video truly left us speechless.

The way this thing took off the line and just kept getting smaller and smaller until the display read 5.58 at 223 mph was something you don’t see every day, even if you spend much of your day watching videos from the race track.

So check out this crazy Frenchman as he hurls towards history in front of our very eyes.

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