The Craziest Hill-Climb Machine Ever!!!

This is The Craziest Hill-Climb Machine Ever!!!

The most famous event of getting up a hill as fast as possible with a machine has to be the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as The Race to the Clouds.

This monumental event has been in the racing calendar for many teams since 1916 and over the years it has seen some of the most bizarre looking vehicles which have tried to get to the top using two or four wheels.

Today we are taking you on a similar (in concept) race up a hill where the former test driver for the Hyundai World Rally Championship team has brought something a bit different to the race.

This Cross Kart has been manufactured in Portugal and it brings only about 660 pounds to the weight scale, apparently this thing has been on a strict diet.

To move the little mass it has up a hill, it uses a screaming GSX-R 750 engine with a redline at 14 000 rpms, making it fun to listen as well as fun to watch.

So how does this thing behave in the hands of a rally driver?

Well pretty much like the tittle says, so play the video, turn up the speakers and enjoy the action.

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