Some Crazy Fast Drag Kart Racing Compilation!!!

Take a look at this, Some Crazy Fast Drag Kart Racing Compilation!!!

Nearly all of the circuit racers in the world have raced go karts at some points of their careers.

For most of them that is in their beginnings since these are the perfect weapon in order to work on stuff like vehicle control weight transfer and many different categories that need perfecting in circuit racing.

That does not mean that the drag racers have skipped this incredibly fun ride.

On the contrary, it appears that some of them liked their go kart that they decided not to use it for the purpose it was build, instead they decided that the powerful engine and the lack of weight are a great way to get down the drag strip.

Some of them have gone as far as getting their machines down to the finish line in 9 seconds, a result which is truly incredible.

So check out this great video and see how fast these guys are in their go karts.

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