The “Return” of Promods to Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, The “Return” of Promods to Street Outlaws!!!

There is one topic that always has some room for arguing when it comes to the No Prep Kings Championship that that is the Promods, should they be allowed are some cars that are competing these days (or last year to be more precise) a Promod or is it a street car.

If you remember back in the day the 405 guys during their list racing which was filmed by the Discovery Channel, brought out some real beasts which were not real street cars.

After racing them, they came together and decided that Promods do not belong to the streets since their idea was to have the fastest street cars, not the fastest race cars.

So these days there is a lot of talk about Kayla Morton’s car and if that is a Promod and are there other cars that are in the Championship which are technically a Promod?

As always Sim is here to try and find the answers so check out his latest video, and find out what is really going down these days in the No Prep world.

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