Some Insane Passes at 2020 Midwest Pro Mod Series – Tulsa Raceway Park!!!

Take a look at this, There are some Insane Passes on Pro Mods at 2020 Midwest Pro Mod Series – Tulsa Raceway Park!!!

While many of us site and patiently wait for the No Prep Kings Championship to get back online, some find a way to help the time pass, and what better way to do this than bringing you the races from the Tulsa Raceway Park where the 2020 Midwest Pro Mod Series event was held.

These guys make their runs with their clocks on which helps you get a better perception about how fast each of them is.

We all know that the No Prep Racing cars are purpose built race cars but these things are even faster lower longer and meaner looking making them a spectacle that is not to be missed.

Amongst them the No Prep Kings, as well as the Street Outlaws fans will see a familiar face.

Yes, once again the Murder Nova is mixing it up with the big dogs and he appears to be on a mission to show these guys how fast a No Prep car can really be, so check it out.


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