Crazy New Cars For No Prep Kings!!!

These are Crazy New Cars For No Prep Kings!!!

Once again we have a topic that we have talked about before, however the key players are different.

You all remember that Reaper had been kicked off the list back a while ago and the reason for this was the fact that instead of building a steel quarter and roof car, he built a fiberglass body vehicle which had steel panels glued to it, in order for a magnet to stick to them.

Now the talk is focused on Swamp Thing, a car which apparently according to Sim, was originally built as a fiberglass body car.

He even goes so far as to remind us that once it was built, this thing was all white due to the fact that it was built out of white fiberglass.

Whether he has any steel pieces on it we don’t know but if you want to find out more about this and other topics, like always, check out Sim’s new video about No Prep News.


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