Is This Twin Turbo Chevy Nova PERFECT Street Car?

Check this, Is Twin Turbo Chevy Nova PERFECT Street Car? 

Being present in person at the races has its upsides, and one of the biggest ones is getting to “scout” the best upcoming cars before anybody else.

The popular YouTube channel 1320video once again gets this honor by discovering an incredible Twin Turbo Chevy Nova which is one of the best ones out there.

This incredibly well detailed car is looking so good that it steels the show wherever it appears and the part that is better than that is that this baby goes.

This is not just a car that has all the right parts in it, no sir, this is a vehicle that utilizes all those aforementioned parts in the manner they were intended when produced.

This beast tips the scale at 3800 lbs. (driver included) making it quite the mass to be moved fast in a short while but believe us the numbers you are about to hear are quite impressive, enjoy.

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