Gorgeous 1000HP Supercharged Chevelle 502 Big Block Custom Build!!!

Take a look at this Gorgeous 1000HP Supercharged Chevelle 502 Big Block Custom Build!!!

A real daily driver supercar is not something you can see every day and there are many reasons for it and this one seems to hit both categories and it passes them with flying colors.

On the supercar category it surely scores big with that Mast Motorsports LSX Black Label 427 that is force fed by a 4.0l Whipple supercharger, producing a very nice round number of 1 000 horsepower and yes, we do know this might sound scary for the streets, however this monster has been equipped with a set of Corvette ZR1 carbon-ceramic brakes that make sure you slow down before you get in trouble with the law.

The Villain, as the car is known took about 3 years to build and lucky for all of us, they made sure they documented every step of the way as they transformed this 1970 Chevelle into one of the hottest machines to hit the road, so let’s check it out.


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