Great 8 Final Ryan Martin vs Daddy Dave On No Prep Kings at Tulsa Raceway!

Take a look at this, Great 8 Final Ryan Martin vs Daddy Dave On No Prep Kings at Tulsa Raceway! 

It was just the other day when we were talking about how the racers that are filming a few different shows at the same time like Ryan Martin, Murder Nova, and a few others might be spending too much time preparing for those shows, so their performance might start to drop in the No Prep Kings Championship.

You see, we were talking about how for example Ryan was busy building the small tire car for the 405 races, while at the same time building the small tire car for the Street Outlaws Endgame, so he and his buddy Javy might not have enough time to improve the Gray Fireball Camaro, for the upcoming races.

In the meantime, we saw that Justin Swanstrom and the Swan Gang have really been working on their Lexus and it is looking as beautiful as it has ever had, and possibly it is faster than it has ever been as well, or at least that is what he has been claiming on social media in their little quarrel with Kye Kelley.

However, the very title of this video tells us that Ryan and that gray car are still pretty fast and have managed to beat Jeff Lutz and Lizzy Musi, to get to this final to face Daddy Dave.

He has managed to grab three wins and 80 points so far this year in the Great 8 series and is right behind him in second place by none other than the guy staging in the lane next to him, Daddy Dave, who has 40 points and two event wins.

Dave, got to the finals after winning his races against Jerry Bird and Justin Swanstrom in the semi-finals so we know that he would love to make this round the equalizer and grab the third win, so let us play the video and see if that will go his way.

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