JJ Da Boss New Chevy 2 Nova Build for Street Outlaws Endgame!!

Take a look at this, JJ Da Boss New Chevy 2 Nova Build for Street Outlaws Endgame!!

After seeing what Ryan Martin, Axman, and Kye Kelley have built for the new show called Street Outlaws EndGame it is time to see what the guys at the Memphis crew are up to, and if you know JJ Da Boss and his crew, you know that they are about to get into some trouble.

Just like Ryan Martin and Axman, JJ figured out this type of show that requires a street build is one of the greatest opportunities that he can get to get his kids involved in the build so as expected, it was all hands on deck.

From the first moment the little Nova arrived at the property he had his kids wash and scrub the car to help him get it cleaned out before he starts his build.

It was great seeing his daughter nicknamed “Hollywood” getting her hands into the oil to learn the trick that JJ learned from his uncle, thus passing on the knowledge from generation to generation to prepare the next generation of racers in the family.

It was clear how proud JJ is as his son tried his best to paint the seats of the car and it kinda showed that the whole show is much more about family than just about some fast street cars.

In today’s video we join JJ and his crew as they are about to start the car for the first time and those who have taken an engine out of the vehicle once or twice know very well how tense this moment can be, so being the gamblers they always are,  these guys decided to get a little bet going.

So before you check out this video, tell us in the comment section what you think, will the car start on the first try, do you have faith in JJ’s car-building abilities, or is it going to require some more work before they get to hear the little Chevy Nova purr?

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