“There’s NO WAY that car went that FAST that QUICKLY!” Larry Larson built Chevy II!!!

Wow, “There’s NO WAY that car went that FAST that QUICKLY!” Larry Larson built Chevy II!!!

While he has had huge success in the No Prep events, many like us will always associate the name Larry Larson with the five wins in a row at Drag Week which has made him the owner of the fastest street car in America according to Ho Rod Magazine, and many more.

So once again he is being associated with an extremely fast car that he has built for Chris Bates, who is about to impress all of us with some astonishing passes at the drag strip in a Chevy II build by, you are guessing Larry Larson.

As it turns out, this is a car that was built for another gentleman, however, it turned out to be so fast that he had tunnel vision because of it and left it alone for quite a while.

This is where Chris entered the picture since he is quite the accomplished racer who does not mind going as fast as this 1966 Larry Larson-built Chevy II will go.

If anybody knows his turbo engines then it is Mr. Larson and in order to get this Chevy II down the track at these blistering speeds, he opted for a Hurricane racing engine that sucks in huge gulps of air thru two 94-millimeter Precision turbos which are apparently good for nearly three thousand horsepower.

Another incredible thing about the vehicle it is of course the team that runs it, and as we all know, one of the most important people in the team is the guy who tunes it, or as they call them, the keyboard warrior who fights the track and the competition at the same time.

And behind the keyboard is a guy who believe it or not is only 21 years old, a guy who obviously has a great future ahead of him in this sport and many drivers should look out for.

So check out the video to see some amazingly fast “laps” from this amazing vehicle and find out much more about it.

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