HATE TANK Insane Crash VS The TORCH 2.0 at No Prep Mayhem!!

Wow check this, HATE TANK Insane Crash VS The TORCH 2.0 at No Prep Mayhem!!

With huge amount of horsepower and not enough rubber the Hate Tank is definitely a handful since we all know that this car does have some weight behind it and it is not the easiest thing to get down the track in a straight line.

This time he is up against The Torch 2.0 and it is not going to be an easy task to win but we all know that racers love a challenge.

Getting out of the hole so fast, was a tremendous achievement for the Tank and for the first part it looked like he might win but then loss of traction started taking its toll and he had to pedal in order to keep the car pointed in a straight line, but halfway down the track it all went terribly wrong as the car snapped sideways getting out of the groove.

He did his best trying to save it but just could not keep it pointed towards the finish line so he crashed, but the good thing is that the driver was unharmed, check it out.

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