He was NOT ready for the LAUNCH!!!

Wow, take a look at this, this guy was NOT ready for the LAUNCH!!!

Yes, the first thing that comes to mind for most of the population when they hear about Australia, is funny accent, Fosters beer, and kangaroos.

But we are not most people so we are very well aware that there is a huge muscle car following down under and they enjoy a big powerful V8 under the hood, as much as everybody.

One of the most common ways to have fun there for the muscle car guys, is the burnout competition, a competition where literally no tire survives, and there is more smoke than a battle field.

While they do spend a lot of time inside the burnout pit, that is not the only competition they have, they also enjoy a good drag race from time to time, so you know that they got some very, very fast cars.

One of them has such a brutal launch that even a seasoned veteran like the cameraman of 1320 videos, is surprised, check it out.

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