1969 Yenko Nova L78 L72 Found in a Cow Pasture Drag Run!

Take a look at this 1969 Yenko Nova L78 L72 Found in a Cow Pasture Drag Run!!

It is not easy to find a way to start talking about this incredibly rare muscle car because there are just so many turnovers that happened during the life of this car, which started back in 1969 when it left the dealership of V.V. Cooke Chevrolet in Louisville, Kentucky with one very proud and we presume ecstatic Michael Turner behind the wheel.

 He had the car in his ownership all the way to 1976 when he sold it to Jerry Withers who kept it for another nine years, probably the most fun and fright filled years behind the wheel since these cars were incredibly quick for their time as you are probably informed.

It was next David Milliner who purchased the car strictly for street racing so you know he was using it to its full potential. He used it and abused it so much that the next owner, a guy named Mitch Moor had to park it in a cow pasture due to the hurt engine.

A few more ownership swaps and a full restoration later, we have it here in its native environment where it is about to fly down the track, enjoy.

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