He’s Lucky to have SURVIVED after rolling SIX times!!

Take a look at this, He’s Lucky to have SURVIVED after rolling SIX times!!

As some of you already know, the Julesburg Dragstrip is the oldest dragstrip still in use by the NHRA and unlike the rest of them, this is a dragstrip that has no walls, and the reason for this is pretty simple, this is still an active airfield once the racers grab their gear and leave.

So what better way to find out more about this track than to take you racing on it, or particularly on day six of the event that was held there and you guys better hold on to your seats because this is about to get very dangerous.

One of the racers named Troy overdrives his car so bad that he ends up rolling it six times, and launching the rear axle in what seems to be lower orbit, but the most important thing as always is that he got to walk away from that one, proving once again how important the roll cage is, along with the rest of the safety gear.



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