Hot Rod vs Monster Truck – 2000 Horsepower Drag Race!

Check this, Hot Rod vs Monster Truck – 2000 Horsepower Drag Race!!

We know what you are thinking at the moment, another publicity stunt which is going to end with the Monster truck getting slaughtered by the hot rod, because we all know that the Son-Uva Digger tips the weight scale at more than 10 000 pounds and there is just no way all that weight can make it to the finish line faster than that hot rod.

This Monster Jam Truck has been built to crush stuff and that does not include crushing quarter mile times, however, those huge wheels and the four-wheel drive make it one of the easiest things to launch, meaning that any trouble at the starting line would probably mean that the race is over for the Hot Rod before it ever began.

 Just like any other time, we will not spoil the video by telling you the results, we will tell you to turn the speakers up because both of these things sound amazing, enjoy.

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