This Bad to the bone AWD S10 is the PERFECT Race Truck!

Take a look at this Bad to the bone AWD S10 is the PERFECT Race Truck!!!

His name is Jeremy Formato and he is responsible for something that is completely different in the world of racing than the things we are used to seeing.

He comes from Tampa Florida and he owns and drives an All-Wheel Drive TT S10 which has something that is very rare at the drag strip these days, a manual transmission.

The LQ motor was once happy inside a Silverado before it got force-fed by not one but two turbo chargers that keep cramming air down its throat compelling it to make much more power than it was ever hoping to make.

Just like most of the other projects, this one started as a cheap one with the hopes of getting maximum acceleration out of a few bucks but as it happens regularly this idea went out of the window and they just started spending more and more on it.

Check out this great vehicle as they put it thru its paces and start getting it setup during the shakedown process in the video bellow.

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