How did Reaper from “Street Outlaws” lose his car?

What do you think, How did Reaper from “Street Outlaws” lose his car?

James “Reaper” Goad, is one of the most controversial members of the popular Street Outlaws Oklahoma show and over the years he has often been involved in controversy.

One o the biggest controversies has to be that time when they kicked his car out of the 405 lists.

During one of the driver meetings, he started talking about how some of the guys were saying that his car does not fit the rules of street racing cars and how they are built.

You see, for one car to be able to compete on the popular 405 list, it has to have steel roofs and quarters and many racers were saying on the web that Reaper’s car is not even supposed to be on the list, since it is a pro mod car.

To squash any rumors, James Reaper invited everybody to check his car if it is legal or not.

His idea of the inspection was to put a magnet on the roof and quarters and show everybody that it sticks. However, it turned out that contrary to the rules, while the magnet did stick, his car had a composite body that had pieces of steel covering the composite materials.

Upon seeing this, all the drivers from the list needed to decide if Reaper needs to take that Pro mod off the list. With all votes in favor, it was decided that Reaper has to take his car off the list since it did not fit the rules that all the drivers agreed upon.

This is just one example of Reaper’s turbulent career as a street racer, of many, and as time passes by we are sure that we will have much more of his crazy ideas. So in the meantime check out this video that explains how his car was stolen from him and returned in record time.

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