How is Shane McAlary from Street Outlaws doing now!?

What do you think, How is Shane McAlary from Street Outlaws doing now!? 

Shane “Blackbird” Mackler is a well-known name in the world of street racing, known for his all-black Vega race car that he competed with on the Discovery Channel show “Street Outlaws.” However, Shane’s racing career has not been without its challenges and setbacks.

In 2014, Shane damaged his car at the Thunder Valley Raceway Park just weeks before the Hot Rod Drag Week event. In a rush to find a replacement, his team found a tube frame Vega roller in Utah and managed to construct a race-worthy car in time for the event. However, due to lack of time, the car remained all black with no graphics or designs, earning it the nickname “The Blackbird” from the event’s announcers.

Danger is always present in the world of racing, and Shane has unfortunately experienced this firsthand. In 2016, at the Sayer No Prep Drag Strip, Shane was involved in a serious crash that resulted in his car being destroyed and him being airlifted to a local hospital with a severe concussion. This crash was a major setback for Shane and his team, as the cost of the air ambulance alone was reported to be $40,000.

Despite the setback, Shane and his team were determined to get back on the track. They spent two months constructing a new Vega, featuring an F3R121 Pro Charger and a 200 hp small block V8. The new car looked similar to the old one, with the same black color and a red stripe, but was a better version of it. Shane had to take his car off the list and start over, but he knew it would be a fun challenge to work his way back up.

Sadly, in 2019, Shane was involved in another crash at the Thunder Valley Raceway in Bristol, Tennessee. During a semi-final round of eliminations for a no-prep race, Shane lost control of his car, crossed the center line, and smashed into the concrete guard rail. While Shane was unharmed, the damage to his car was extensive and he had to take it off the street for repairs.

It was then that Shane announced that he was done racing!

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