Big Chief & Jackie FINALLY made a full pass ON NITROUS!

Take a look at this, Big Chief & Jackie FINALLY made a full pass ON NITROUS! 

It has been a while since we have brought you a video from the dynamic couple, Big Chief and Jackie, and once again these guys are focused on the beautiful Caddie Jack.

This Nitrous powered Cadillac has been their focus and they have been trying to get it faster ever since they first built this car.

This time we catch up with them as they take Caddy Jack to the track for some real testing as they keep trying to get the car to hook up and start accelerating the way that they meant it to and we are glad to tell you that it seems that they are finally on the right track.

After the few bad test sessions that these guys had with this car, things are starting to look better, and while the time slip is not showing some stellar improvement, the most important thing is that these guys are on the right track.

They have finally gotten rid of the tire spin and bounce and all the data is pretty clear that while the pass was not that fast at 5.49, they are finally getting some real progress.

The car data shows many ways they have progressed, and one of the more interesting ones is the shock absorber data.

It shows that the car stays pinned down for nearly the entire run, and according to Big Chief, this is not what you would want to happen since the car accelerates better once it is back to its regular ride height.

Luckily this is one of the easier things to fix and we are sure that he will be right on it as soon as possible.

The rest of the data is best explained by Big Chief himself so why don’t we sit back and let him school us on what needs to be changed to get this car faster, enjoy.



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