$500 or 50 Push Ups Ryan Martin vs. Rob Chapman Street Outlaws!

Take a look at this, $500 or 50 Push Ups Ryan Martin vs. Rob Chapman Street Outlaws!

For three years in a row, Ryan Martin has been at the top of the No Prep Kings game and has won three consecutive championships with two different cars.

He has worked hard for all three of them and nobody has been able to deny this.

Last year he also secured the top spot on America’s list by battling all the fastest guys in the country and being able to outperform all of them behind the wheel of the red Fireball Camaro that he uses for street racing.

This season of Street Outlaws Oklahoma, things have changed dramatically and these guys have decided to go back to their roots and small tire racing, meaning that Ryan will not be able to use any of the two fastest No Prep cars in America.

Instead, he has built a brand-new car which let’s face it, has not been as dominant on the street as the other two have been over the years.

While he has always been one of the humblest guys on the racing scene, it appears that this season he will have to do even better than that because of the lack of dominance that we are used to, and so has he.

One thing he has never been is a bad sport, and that is one of the biggest compliments that his rivals have always adorned him with, especially Kye Kelley who has been affected by Ryan’s goodwill many times over the years.

Today, he is faced with an unusual request from a fellow racer, by the name of Rob Chapman, who instead of a regular 500-dollar bet, wanted to take things further and get Ryan to take the push-up bet. This means that for every 10 dollars, Ryan will have to do a push-up or pay up.

As expected, he accepts the challenge, so check out the video and see if he is about to do some push-ups or if his driving saves him from physical activity.

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