Introducing “The Trash Panda” 1969 1/2 Stick Shift Street Car Maverick!

Take a look at this, Introducing “The Trash Panda” 1969 1/2 Stick Shift Street Car Maverick!

There’s something special about a classic car that has been given a new lease on life. The “Trash Panda” is a perfect example of this. A 1969 1/2 Maverick that has been expertly restored and upgraded for maximum performance, this car is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

The story of the “Trash Panda” begins a couple of years ago, when a car enthusiast stumbled upon the car through a friend of a friend. The car was mostly complete, with a motor in place but no transmission. The owner saw potential in the car and knew exactly what he wanted – a 1969 and a half Maverick with a 347 engine and a T5 transmission.

With the help of his friend, a skilled mechanic, the owner set out to bring his vision to life. The two worked on the car in his friend’s shop and documented the process on his YouTube channel, giving car enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the restoration process. The team pulled the motor out, checked the cam, and even replaced it with a better one to improve performance.

One of the biggest challenges the team faced was with the car’s suspension. During track days, the drive shaft would hit the tunnel, causing issues with traction. To solve this problem, they decided to change the leaf springs and shocks, which greatly improved the car’s performance and allowed for better traction on the track.

The finished product is a true beauty, with a sleek blue exterior and a powerful 347 engine under the hood. The T5 transmission provides smooth shifting and the upgraded suspension ensures that the car stays planted on the track. The “Trash Panda” is not just a pretty face, it’s a true performer.

The car has a unique name “Trash Panda” which was given by the owner himself, due to its unique and rare style. The owner and his friend have put a lot of time, effort and dedication into this car, making it a one of a kind masterpiece.

If you’re a fan of classic cars with a modern twist, be sure to check out the “Trash Panda” and all of its amazing features. Keep an eye out for this car at car shows and on the track, as it’s sure to turn heads. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just appreciate a well-built vehicle, the “Trash Panda” is a car you won’t want to miss.

The “Trash Panda” is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. It’s a car that has been given a new lease on life, and it’s a true joy to see it back on the road. The owner and his friend have created something truly special with this car, and it’s a pleasure to see it being enjoyed by car enthusiasts everywhere.

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