Jeff Lutz & Larry Larson Have Heated Race!!

Take a look at this, Jeff Lutz & Larry Larson Have Heated Race!

You would think that grown man would not engage in name-calling over a coin toss and for the most part, you would be right, however, this is Jeff Lutz and Larry Larson, two rivals that have been racing each other on the track and on the streets for more than 20 years now and it seems that they are not above it.

These two racers have been dominating Drag Week for years and have been pushing each other to be faster and better with each race and this is where their rivalry started and has grown.

These days both of them are part of the No Prep Kings Championship and in addition to this, they have been racing on the streets during the Street Outlaws show many times trying to prove who is better on the street that they are currently on.

This time they find themselves in Chicago where they are trying to prove that their team is better than the other and as always it all starts with the coin flip that determines who will get lane choice.

While for many, this less-than-trivial task is completed within a few seconds, it appears that these rivals cannot even get this done without an argument. It is Ryan Martin who has the quarter and flips it to determine who will get lane choice, but the poor lighting is stopping him from making the call and this is when it all falls apart for the two rivals.

While in reality both of them are not in their prime anymore and their eyesight is not at the top of the game as it used to be, none of this stops them from being reasonable and talking about it like civilized racers.

Instead, they start fighting over it and attacking each other verbally, so check out the video and see what it was all about.

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