How Rich Are The Cast Members Of Street Outlaws!?

Take a look at this, How Rich Are The Cast Members Of Street Outlaws!?

In the beginning, there were a few racers that would gather up at a spot where they would find out the location of the races that are going to be held that evening, in order to find out who is the fastest driver in the area.

After hearing about this, Pilgrim Media Group did the unthinkable and joined forces with the racers and set up a camera crew to follow them around so everybody can see what these guys are up to at night.

The rest as they say is history.

As soon as the Street Outlaws show premiered it exploded and now all of a sudden everybody around the country and around the world, wanted to find out more about Justin Shearer AKA Big Chief, Shawn

“Murder Nova” Ellington, Doc Love, Chuck Seitsinger and the rest of the street racers featured on the show.

As years passed, the show grew incredibly fast, and all of a sudden every street racer from coast to coast wanted in on the action, so they started challenging the 405 guys to see how their crew stacks up against these guys from Oklahoma that claim to be the fastest in the country.

Amongst them was JJ Da Boss, with a big crew from Memphis who claimed that they are the best racers in the country and to be honest were playing by different rules.

Scripted or not, the final race that was going to decide if the Oklahoma crew is the fastest fell on JJ Da Boss and Big Chief, and by the looks of things, JJ was well outgunned in that fight.

So he did something that probably made the producers give him his own show, he pulled the biggest wheelie we have seen on the street, and he did not stop until he was off the road, earning everybody’s respect in a matter of seconds.

As their popularity grew, so did their earnings from Pilgrim Media Group, so let us check out this video and see just how much these guys are worth these days thanks to their passion for illegal street racing.

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