Mike Bowman Insane Crash into the wall at Rockingham Dragway No Prep Kings!

Take a look at this, Mike Bowman Insane Crash into the wall at Rockingham Dragway No Prep Kings!

Some call it The Rock, some call it Rockingham Dragway, and whatever you prefer is fine, as long as you know that this is the destination for the No Prep Kings caravan this weekend, and these guys are here to put down some serious power.

Unfortunately, one of them ends up in the wall and the most important thing about it is that Mike Bowman is feeling fine and he did not sustain any injuries from the crash, apart from a scratch on his ego.

The run started great and although he could not keep up with his competitor he put down some serious power and managed to pick up a huge amount of speed close to the finish line.

It is there when the car got out of shape and he started sliding all over the place, however, for a split second, it all looked like it is going to be OK.

He managed to get the car straight and pop the shoots open although in the wrong lane and for a split second we could swear that he was in control of the car and the situation and everything is going to be all right.

This did not last unfortunately as within a second the car started sliding all over the place and he ended up hitting the wall with the front of the car.

As we all know, the front of the car is where the fuel cell is located, and spilling highly flammable liquid on a hot exhaust is a very fast way to start a fire so within seconds he was out of the car staring at the flaming race car.

Luckily, the fire marshals and the rest of the track crew were on location in an instant and managed to get the fire under control, so check out this crazy accident, and lets all hope that he will get that car running pretty soon.

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